Finishing A Race Calls For A Bagel!


So I currently work as a shift manager at Panera Bread in Independence, Ohio.

Sometimes the job is a little overwhelming with school, but as a future PR girl I better get used to being overwhelmed!

Anyways, the job has opened up a lot of doors for me since I’ve worked there and one of my favorite aspects of it is my involvement with the ‘Marketing Girls”.

The one in particular is named Jessica, who is so sweet and always trying to find hands on

experience for me to participate in.

Last weekend, in a city near Cleveland, was the Akron Marathon. I was so lucky to be asked by Jessica to help set up, and the experience was so fun!


I got to the marathon (very early) and set the tents up and the tables where we distributed the bagels to the runners after the race.. What was so cool about that was I got to make all of those decisions myself! They definitely weren’t difficult decisions or anything, but nevertheless when the city workers brought me four tables.. I got to pick where to put them.

Then after the manual labor portion of the day, it got really fun.

I got to talk to some people about Panera’s participation in the race and tell people about different donations and charities Panera is a part of. It was fun spreading GOOD information about a company I love and am familiar with to people who don’t know.

As if I wasn’t 100% sure PR was the right field for me, I realized on Saturday that what I love the most about it is supplying information to people about a brand or company that I adore and believe in.. I mean how can a job get any better than that?


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